Contributing translations

    If you would like to contribute a translation of the recovery download, the website and/or questions, answers and examples, a copy of the website transcript, the recovery download and questions, answers and examples are available for download in Microsoft Wordpad, Microsoft Word and PDF via the above Support us page.

   In return for translating the the recovery download, the website and questions, answers and examples or sorting, you would be entitled to receive “a logo / image (including a personal photo) / coat of arms / flag / and or name (of your choice) and credit”*:

And if applicable:

 * Please click the following link for further information.

Google translate

Google translate, located below the Donations and Contact us buttons, is a free and automated translation service, and will translate the entire website into the selected language, however, as the translations are made by a computer and not a human being, the translations are often not very good, meanings can be translated into the opposite of the original etc, and it is therefore only useful to get some idea of what is written.

      Note: search will not function in the selected language when the site is translated by Google Translate.